How to deal with the large area of Shanghai and a collection of Web love

if it is still used to update the site collection, you can clearly tell you that your site can be set aside, since the love of Shanghai is now cracking down on acquisition is severe, so we will not be hit to the muzzle, what we should do now is to stop collecting, improve the quality of the original web content.

Since the love of Shanghai

many webmaster is a headache thing for updates, especially now prohibit the use of the acquisition stage, all need to rely on their own and to update the original, so for a long time with the acquisition of the webmaster can be said to be a mental and physical work more tired of living, but I have to own website can in a short time to let Shanghai to love a good ranking and rapid withdrawal of our punishment only if we persist in this way, since then we have been punished more updated daily to strictly abide by the discipline, especially not on a whim every day, suddenly a few days do not want to update the website and then put the throw in don’t leave it there, we must eradicate this problem.

five, the website of the future direction to clear positioning

recently love Shanghai made a large area renewal adjustment, basically a lot of collection sites are all punished and included reducing the problem, it seems that this is the love of Shanghai spent a lot of effort to strike hard for many owners to use this acquisition, acquisition in the end or basket so I will draw water with a sieve, today to talk about our webmaster how to deal with the love in Shanghai and a collection site.


want to establish a good site and a rich content, it is the original content of your site is the largest and most giant readability, such a website is a boutique site, so we must have a change to a concept, we do not have to site content however, we must ensure that the readability of the content, because now the acquisition too much, so the acquisition of online content basically is overwhelming, so we collected on our website also does not have what good effect, but will bring their own search engine punishment.

can’t go route, so we webmaster should consider the way how to go after what.

three, not three days fishing nets two days of drying

, a ban on acquisition, advocate the original

two, the original article refinement, no more

four, exchange of high quality Links

the collected content to delete, we should do it yourself to increase the high quality of the external links, Links is a very good exchange method, in the search engine optimization Links exchange is very important, so we have to take this as an important thing to do, I recommend you go to the station network to exchange Links exchange we are looking for a snapshot update timely, included more number of sites, but also to our website content matching, such Links is worth us to exchange.

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Discussion on the relations between the source site and the Shanghai Dragon

take my earliest example, using the old Y CMS program, later changed his simple, old Y program is easy to use, ASP pseudo static.

We present

as everyone knows, station there has been a growing number of open-source programs, like CMS, PHP168 etc., have you Empire, with Discuz, PHPWIND forum, blog, Zblog, wordpss and so on, all of these provide users free download, this is just a few more than well-known programs, of course there are many unknown to our program, grassroots webmaster, the open source program has enough and use our choice, choose what kind of source station, most of the current owners two main considerations: first, starting from the angle of Shanghai dragon, to see whether the source is optimized included, whether to support the generation of static; two, consider the source code the day after the expansibility and security of the website, bigger, days can be very good expansion.

from now on the market most users of several big source program, the safety of the source code to do good, source developers can prompt programs upgrade play, not what grassroots webmaster from Shanghai dragon menace from the rear; a static point of view, straight were considered most suitable for the establishment of the Shanghai. Phoenix webmaster preferred can generate static source code. Today Qingdao Shanghai dragon with their own experiences on the relationship between source site and the Shanghai dragon, not necessarily, purely personal views.

and so on.A website

here I first directly show my position: "how to choose what kind of source? I think for the best!" why do you say, there are many webmaster, especially new webmaster contact website soon, they think only can generate static website to rank well, included many, easy to optimize. The search engine will be favored, which is the most representative of the source is the dream weaving CMS station, now with the most. But I beg to differ the owners of these ideas, here is not to say that a CMS is not good, but a CMS is really good, I am not a man of good, a lot of people say, because I use it now. But I want to tell some of the angle from the Shanghai Phoenix Station, static and non static ranking is not good, mainly included many factors, sometimes see a source of feeling really good style, but a closer look, but the source is APS, does not support the generation of static, if able to dream the same thought I used this program to generate static unfortunately……. Webmaster encountered this problem in looking for the source when the site is estimated that many webmaster, in my opinion, I choose the most main reason is the dream weaving scalability better, is not able to generate static I really don’t care. Individuals in Shanghai Longfeng also have two years of time, others have handled Shanghai Longfeng sites and sites themselves there are many, I found that many of these sites are not known what source, what more is not static, but the site included, rankings are very good, the website function is very simple, it looks beautiful, ~

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Do some optimization methods and steps to the novice to talk about

3, robots.txt (love Shanghai search keywords robots.txt file usage example ")

love Shanghai updated quite frequently, from time to time pressure spam links, low quality "and so on, webmaster should remember the 2012 6.22,6.28 event, let the webmaster thoroughly to understand, do rankings must follow the rules of Shanghai love and work hard, can not. From 2012 to now love Shanghai updated quite frequently, in fact, carefully read and update every time the punishment found love Shanghai or have been guided to experience as the center station to customers, quality, quality content, in order to better survival. (love in Shanghai over the years to update the search keywords under the "2015 love Shanghai algorithm updates the history and latest ranking rules secret")

4, webmaster map (site map generator, love Shanghai search for "SiteMapX") through the tool can generate 2 kinds, one is the XML format map, this is all on the web page to create a directory, search engine with recognized language to write.

1404 error page in each site will exist, need to do a 404 page, so that users can reduce the bounce rate to improve the user experience of search engine spiders are very friendly.


optimization of the first growth is actually love Shanghai love Shanghai update growth, search ranking and optimization are complementary, first look at recent years love Shanghai’s growth, from which we can see that the optimization is also growing, said a little long winded, you forgive me.

2301 site jump, with and without WWW, the weight is the same, but falling in love with the sea will be considered the two domain names, the weights will be dispersed, under normal circumstances, we will not take the jump to the domain name with WWW, in order to prevent weight dispersion; there is also a good thing company for a domain name, you can put the old station to the railway station to jump. (try to follow or love Shanghai Webmaster Tools website

2011, Shanghai ranked sex, belong to an old traveller, keywords accumulation, station group, black chain, ranking rose quickly. After the 2011 5.20 day love Shanghai big update is turned upside down, what did not wake up (although love Shanghai admitted to update the data caused), in this moment, a little afraid, began to optimize gradually regularization, 8.27 love Shanghai began to publish Shanghai dragon Optimization Guide 2 optimization guidance. 9.16, love Shanghai Webmaster Platform opening, marking the Shanghai love and stationmaster antagonistic attitude to "friendly".


in the face of love now Shanghai, we optimized the novice how to do

After 2012

veteran please bypass, mainly to look at a novice, hope the novice in this field for learning website or opinion in network marketing industry has a new understanding and understanding, empathy can more, to break through their own thinking.

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How to prevent the site for revision in the weight drop

someone changes the site search engine, if do not know, a strength of a chain, updated every day a bunch of articles, and then compared the collected, worry about personal gains and losses. It is not necessary, according to the tracking and monitoring of our long-term revision of enterprise website, the general version of our website update on the line after 2 weeks before the beginning of the new search engine included links. This transition is almost the most short. In this window, you can use the easy to push Polaris soft Wen promotion to the website, which can ensure the visibility of the website will be decreased.

here include the page title, page links, page keyword layout, can not move do not move, can not change, rather than focus on the thematic content and module design of the new channel page, not too tangled old pages.


2. can not move do not adhere to the principle of

, that is to say, you have the best local website source, a one-time adjustment, test content update, then a one-time upload, preferably in the search engine spiders activity when the lowest, so the search your revision is not easy to be spider crawled, what problems can also be quickly modified. To the greatest extent to reduce the influence of the foreign website. Many people love change, and repeated struggles, finally by search engine serious contempt, especially in the site template structure must pay attention to.

1. rush outside the chain and frequent updates is wrong

has included a reasonable solution to redirect links


4. version of the update number of time, must attach great importance to

website is a major work of website development, website website to give new vitality, but also accompanied by many "website complications". Here the so-called "website complications" refers to the site after the revision problems, such as the website ranking drop, site index decreased, website weight loss and other issues, these problems of concurrent optimization work will let you early do become useless. So how can we prevent the website after website, website ranking, website weight index is not affected?

how to solve? The general is 3 strokes, pseudo static redefined path, 404 page Jump, to remind the server redirection settings. If the old site included less then, several aspects of this operation is very simple, but if included large and complex directory structures, do the redirect link >

30 million don’t have good stuff lost

kinetic energy change little change


has a good domain name, such as the original Links, the original high traffic data page. Because the content through precipitation and testing, has been recognized by the engine. If a website is not only completely repeated struggles, the decline of the problem, the worst case is K off the engine at any time, are very likely.

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Optimization of mobile phone terminal site traffic surge

solemnly remind: if possible, it is best not to use the site app love love Shanghai Shanghai direct transcoding adapter. The surface looks easy, but in the long term is not conducive to your site’s ranking. We can think, love the same template in Shanghai there are so many people, you think your website will be included? What is the love of Shanghai site app function in many BUG, causing the site from the PC end to end when the mobile phone is out of order, the website, the beauty of the whole, very affect the user experience so, suggest that we still spend more energy to do a mobile phone terminal site.


mobile phone terminal

We >

two, the website title and description and PC written separately.

PC end write the title of general control in less than 25 words, describe the general control in 75 words or less, but the mobile phone terminal according to this standard to the case can not be fully demonstrated, which means that we use the PC site if the end of the title and description will cause the user to see the content is not complete, which will affect the mobile terminal site click rate. It is my personal website for example:

a lot of people think to do more of a mobile phone website more trouble, and buy a separate space, update the website content to be updated in all two sites, is a website management. In fact, this is not as complicated as you want. Aiming at the problem of domain name, we directly from the main domain name of a mobile terminal domain, recommend the use of m.xxx贵族宝贝 or wap.xxx贵族宝贝 format, so that people see that is the end of the mobile phone, and many stations also used this format. According to the space problem we never give up in order to save the cost of mobile phone terminal, the small and medium-sized site also can not spend much money.

your company website has a mobile phone terminal? If not your website OUT. We believe that in 2014 when the number of mobile phone users has exceeded PC, but has not caused everyone’s attention. In the per capita mobile phone era, if our website does not have the PC side, it means that we have lost the majority of customers. Then the mobile phone in the end how to do it, please see the following decomposition.

above is the website of our company, we can see that because of my description not according to the mobile phone terminal to write, which cannot be fully displayed, so the user experience is very hurt. So please in the construction of the mobile station must pay attention to this problem, do the website that don’t come to change, more trouble.

three, the mobile terminal to be set separately.

The picture specification

, a mobile phone terminal to have independent domain name and space.



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The article was reproduced on how spider crawling

finally, I insist to write original articles every day to those friends, encourage you to continue, do not reprint your article is affected by the harm is not established about your ideas, adhere to the original written, is written almost or because your view is novel, Chinaz and A5 and other major forum the editor will also encourage us to do so. To provide the latest information for the user, provide useful information to authorized users, then the search engine is not recognized, on the contrary, you will be counterproductive.

soft value is reflected here, we do not underestimate the spider’s ability to identify, it can distinguish what is original, what is the pseudo original, so those who are still pseudo original people have to pay attention, you reproduced the benefits of the website is to help others improve the weight and ranking. Anyone love more fresh things, the search engine is no exception.

is usually a lot of people reprint articles, will take you to remove the copyright information, it is one thing to write so many original people are injured, I am here to say something, but it is good for you, after all, the spider has first visit you, then go to see someone, will they found that the content is over from you, the spider can determine whether your valuable content, so as to improve the weight of your site and ranking.

by 贵族宝贝mark.zhiyiwang贵族宝贝 the original release, please retain the copyright information. Finally, I hope a lot of the original, I like this is not well written but also Never mind.

in fact, objectively speaking, their original works reproduced by website is a good thing, the search engine focusing on Web content capture time, such as the same content on the Internet, search engines will decide what is the content source, this article first appeared in which web site, search engine will think this site is the contents of the source site. When more than one article starting from a web site, is reproduced in the amount of 100, the search engine will think this site is very influential, other sites are on him, will give the site weight of other sites and higher ranking.

many webmaster do not want to write their own soft Wen reproduced by others, and this is a mistake quite large, if the article was reprinted more proof of this soft, valuable, you indirectly the quality of chain is also up, Why not?.

remember a few days ago in the forum, someone asked me, my own original articles, and then they go to reprint this wholly intact, no harm to me, my answer is: good for you, or how so many people want to own the article was reproduced everywhere, but the specific I can not tell a truth to this holiday, I went back to see the books, generally understand, then today I intend to share this knowledge.

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Real experience sharing through the Htaccess file block spider

(Note: this input "Bot" screening; foreign spiders usually called Bot, the domestic general called Spider

read seven or eight articles about foreign’s blog, does not have a clear view of the BOT, some think it is the Shanghai dragon Moz Bot, some think it is a collection of articles, but everyone comments on it are very good, such as water, is portrayed as the vampire leech etc.. Interception of a foreign comment:


The following is the

No. 14 web site log into Excel screening analysis, found in the day all access log (including real users and spiders), even as many as 342 visit records. In particular AhrefsBot &

general search engines to Robots.txt file has a valid, about 2-7 days. But the rapid development of, so I have to suspect that he is a violation of Robots agreement.

to share today is how to shield bad spider.Htaccess file.

) The

, however, from the beginning of 11, the website LOG log began to appear a number of non mainstream Chinese spider visit, which has many well-known Russian search engine spider Yandexbot, and "unidentified flying objects" AhrefsBot & According to the method of thinking in shielding spider, instinctively all spiders (on Chinese website Shanghai dragon, above the spider is junk spider) through the Robots.txt file disallow. The thought that fix, but this morning to open the last 3 days of the LOG log to see garbage spiders crawl more frequent and fierce, especially why. is? So through love Shanghai to search the related records, but it is not ideal, love Shanghai without any relevant records. No way, can only resort to Google, full length is English, big head, bite and chew slowly.

a week ago, I shared an article "Shanghai dragon diagnosis: Log log to find the site through the knot", and in the final with a two improvement suggestions. Due to the limitation of objective conditions, finally using robots shield method. First take a look at how spider changes after a week, the three major spider crawl total volume dropped, robots file comes into effect. From the figure on the number of visits, the total residence time and the total amount of capture, but progress is still a long way.

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Do Shanghai website optimization keywords Longfeng why study

search keywords

research significance mainly lies in the following aspects:

, that is someone


just started Shanghai dragon website optimization of students, will encounter a problem, the head suddenly thought of a field, without thinking began to do, just think about the keywords or see what others do, how to do it yourself. As a result of this nature is the website ranking does not go on, the website does not flow.

mentioned above to find search volume keywords, and not to find the largest and most popular search keywords, you can also have to weigh the possibility can not be up to do.

search "news" "film" and "entrepreneurship" to "lose weight" and so on such key words are very much, but for the general business and personal webmaster, want to take up this keyword optimization, is almost impossible. There is no perfect team, powerful resources support, you don’t want

still have a dream, if realized? This is nonsense, to face their own, do the planning, how much capacity (the ability is not to your Shanghai Longfeng optimization ability, but the money.

Keywords !To reduce the difficulty of optimization

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, the most important of which is to select the appropriate keywords, choose keywords the first consideration is the key whether anyone in search, then consider the keywords as the target, can not give up optimization. If the wrong direction made in the choice of keywords this link, then the back of the site of Shanghai Longfeng work will be disastrous, so the students to remember, in the choice of keywords when make sure someone is keyword search, and to reach a certain magnitude.

then someone will ask, how to achieve the keyword search volume is appropriate? I can tell you now, the next tutorial will say, continue to pay attention to my

for the most simple example, believe that many students have seen the web page title is the name of the company "Shanghai certain Technology Co. Ltd." similar to this. So imagine how much this keyword search volume? No time when the enterprise brand awareness, this is not simply a keyword search volume, this is a waste of resources to complete the page title

two, the maximum

today to talk about Shanghai Longfeng why study keywords, this class is Liao Wei Shanghai dragon website optimization tutorial Chapter second "the first class" keyword research, but also to understand why study keywords.

Shanghai Longfeng optimization, website operation, is to operate their own website is people, there is traffic, if you set the key words and no one search which is very embarrassing, let alone someone see flow.


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Shanghai dragon why learning experience Cardiff station optimization theory analysis details

established the long tail word list

The first clear concept of


The first

preferred domain, simple speaking is to inform the search engine, so that the main part of the establishment of the index on their website which, for example, some people site their own station, the query is not linked with the WWW domain name, and some site station, is the main domain name with www. This is the site to determine the preferred domain lead to different results, in general, the Zigong Shanghai dragon recommended by 301 redirect determine the domain name with WWW as the preferred site for this domain, comply with industry standards, to facilitate internal weight accumulation. Of course, there are some exceptions, such as the establishment of the early in the site, without the WWW domain name of the rankings than with WWW effect. Although WWW has been confirmed as the preferred domain, this is a normal phenomenon, with the following included normal, when you site query, the search engine has already set the preferred domain, so don’t worry.

The establishment of

navigation, we at most sites, can be clearly seen after entering the site, a very prominent navigation (main navigation) these positions are generally some, such as "company news, about us, contact us and some other unrelated keywords should occupy the main purpose of doing so is in order to provide the user experience, allowing visitors to quickly find the content they want to serve, but in our implementation of the optimization, we must determine their core keywords, but not occupy the main navigation, then introduce the concept of navigation on the site, the suitable position, determine the core keywords anchor text site the weight shown in the form of links. In this way, we can take into account not only improve the user experience, and not to lose the objective optimization strategy. For example, for example, everyone in the process of optimization, the anchor text displayed at the bottom of the site, the navigation Shanghai dragon why for its website, and to display the station link.

had been in the past few days to see only the tutorial, do a good job in a few details of the optimization in the station, do not know if you noticed in the implementation of the optimization process, a lot of people think the station optimization is their main problem all the minor details, time to focus on the content of the website and the chain. As everyone knows, the website only reasonable internal structure, without internal competition, can better play the role of the chain and content, to the effect of icing on the cake.


established the long tail word list, there are many benefits, first determine a web site update direction, establish the long tail word search in the search engine, each article to determine the 1-3 keyword, the keyword is the object of this article is mainly described, in which we identified a good article, keep their words become keywords 贵族宝贝***贵族宝贝/, such as Shanghai dragon /Domain-Name-weights.html this article is "domain name weight accumulation site weight" when this > we in a future article update

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May 2nd love Shanghai Shanghai dragon analysis algorithm to adjust the future trend

on Enterprise Station

is engaged in the promotion of Shanghai Longfeng friends should have such a habit, to come to work every day after the first look at how the ranking of his own company, tui56- Wang Baochen also has this habit. The recent love Shanghai algorithm to adjust the summary: data is not normal, as shown in figure

two. May 2, 2012 love Shanghai algorithm test

believe that over a period of time to promote Shanghai dragon friends all know, the whole page search engine included in the 8 billion page above, while the number of pages in the world more than 20 billion, there are a large number of pages on the Internet are not indexed by search engines, and search the hard disk database engine itself is limited, to access to daily operation and not that far away, just home every day N new website, some old site closed, then Baidu or noble baby or a month you have to pull out a time to carry out large-scale adjustments to the existing data, or some websites closed will form a huge dead link page feedback to customers the more accumulated more, Baidu this general at the end of each month there will be some adjustment.

some time ago on some platforms to see a lot of friends reflect such a problem, we recently ranked ye away, we included it seems a lot less, we do not increase the response link and so on…… At that time, to solve some problems of Bao Chen made some answer, May 2, 2012 love Shanghai algorithm adjusted Kean confirms some of Wang Baochen’s ideas:

When will we find

search Zhengzhou network company ranked first in the www.zzqifan贵族宝贝: you will find the title is the construction of Zhengzhou network company – in. The biggest feature is the site of love Shanghai. 2003-2-21 >

. The monthly data base adjustment

this can not be said that direct adjustment, love Shanghai to launch a new algorithm, not necessarily influence algorithm, after the launch of a new algorithm, I summarize the general pre first test, the test cycle is generally 15-20 days, so some time ago when others asked Chen told him a treasure is Shanghai love the end of the month to update, and then feel may again in the small test algorithm, the new figure:

search before Shanghai dragon love Shanghai has a corresponding content tips, and now search for any regional + Shanghai dragon have the same prompt words: love Shanghai reminds you: Shanghai dragon is a very important work, please refer to the customs in Shanghai dragon that love. This is some time ago (algorithm testing, or are further testing results. ) if you search: Wang Baochen Shanghai dragon or other tui56 Shanghai dragon and other non regional + Shanghai dragon will not appear vocabulary related tips.

three. Love Shanghai new algorithm for testing the effect of

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